Cornerstone Medical Center

Good Morning Cowboy Church!

I wanted to share with you about the New Prolife Ministry in our area is called “Cornerstone Medical Center” and under the fiscal sponsorship of InFocus Ministries.  You too can subscribe to their newsletter to keep updated on all that is going on in and through this ministry 😊

We are pleased to inform you that Cornerstone Medical is now under the fiscal sponsorship of InFocus Ministries (Follow this link to find out more This partnership provides secure, financial accountability for Cornerstone Medical and the highest ethical standards so our supporters can donate with confidence and certainty that we are following not only best practices but honoring the LORD as good stewards. Operating under the umbrella of InFocus allows us to concentrate on our mission which is to “Provide compassionate, evidence-based sexual health services and education so our patients can make informed healthcare decisions.” Additionally, we avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs associated with setting up a 501(c)(3) allowing your financial contribution to have an immediate impact on our mission!
Making your donation is easy! Here’s how…

Mail check or cash to
Cornerstone Medical Center C/O InFocus Ministries
P.O. Box 1507
Mount Vernon, WA. 98273

(Make checks payable to Cornerstone Medical Center)

Cornerstone Medical Center will soon have a web page at InFocus Ministries located under their Ministries tab where you will also be able to make online donations. 

Thanks to all of you, the 22nd Annual Quilt & More Auction was a huge success! The total at the end of the event was just over $44,000 making this the most successful auction to date! The LORD is already blessing Cornerstone Medical Center as we step out in obedience to fight for the unborn and the moms and dads who need to know they are loved and valued and have a purpose in this life! There will never be too many “boots-on-the-ground” in this fight. We long to see the doors of Planned Parenthood at 1805 E Division close for the purpose of scheduling the deaths of the unborn. The LORD has given us the vision to pray and move forward in an effort to redeem that location for HIS glory and make it a place where life is celebrated and families thrive! Thank you for joining us in that fight. We are just getting started!

Before we go, we’d like to thank Marnie Fox for her faithful persistence, encouragement, and enthusiasm in carrying out this event year after year! Also, to Cowboy Church in Bow for their support of time and resources (delicious food!!) and for advertising the event on their website. And to Pastors Troy and Wendy Johnson at the Mount Vernon Church of the Nazarene. Your humble service to this community and compassion for the unborn and their parents is so appreciated! May it be an example to other churches in our community. Finally, to George and Linda Henson at Harvest Vision Ministries. They obediently provided the nonprofit covering for the proceeds from this event. Their obedience to the LORD and compassion for ALL His children is inspiring. We are humbled.

Our next E-newsletter will include updates on:Our acquisition of a Medical Mobile unitLeasing property close to Planned Parenthood to begin providing servicesBringing on medical staff/volunteers to provide servicesUntil then, pray for the mamas and daddies who find themselves dealing with unplanned pregnancies and that their hearts would be turned to desire life for their babies. Pray for the hearts of Planned Parenthood workers to be turned and that they repent, follow the LORD, and become advocates for the unborn! Our God is able to do that! 

May God be glorified in all we do together to fight and speak out for His precious unborn babies and their families. 

God Bless you all, 

Irene Bazan (509-423-5695) & Tami Michael (360-840-9097)
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Women’s Conference

Hello Cowgirls!!

You are invited to the Women Hand in Hand event below!  You can now pre-register on our website and pay at the door.  If you choose to purchase online it helps us avoid confusion and long waits at the registration desk. And, if you keep your receipt to show at the door, you get to go right on in. No more waiting!

To Register clicking on the Shop Now button above.

Click on the Event/Registration page.

If you don’t have access to internet and absolutely have no way to pre-register online contact Deborah @ 360-853-3066 or you can message us here on Facebook.

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Reclaiming Our Schools

Good Morning Cowboy Church! 

Reminding you of our event on Saturday. Come out and join us as we take a good hard look @ the issues all of our families are facing in the Public School System. What’s the real issues? What does the Word of God say about it? And what can we do about it?

February 11th @ Ranch! 1PM to 3PM.

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Good afternoon Cowboy Church!!

Wanted to share about this incredible event that is raising funds for helping expecting mothers realize the beauty of having a child and the options that are available to them.  Abortion should never be considered an option, will you help this incredible ministry help these young women see the amazing beauty that grows within them and all that God can do through EVERY Life!!

Mark the calendar!!  Please Share!!

Event link here:

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